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old_pickup_cruising_md_clr.gif Here are some RARE, NOS & 'Odd Stuff ' parts that we have in stock :
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Remember, not everything we have is listed, so it's worth making a phone call to us, or email.

Oil & Air filters for just about anything, British or American and some old European.
GM (Chevy, Buick, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Cadillac + Chevy/GMC trucks)
Chevy 216 / 235 6cyl 1937-62  ENGINE BEARINGS  many sizes in stock ~ phone.
Distributor: Chevy V8 SB/BB  Echlin Performance #1000T Dual point, with Tach drive. Used £50
Shop Manual: 1957 Pontiac - Reprint
Shop manual: 1955 Chevy - OE
Air Filter : GM 25096091, AC A989C : Rare filter fits 1957-66 Olds, Buick, Chevy, Cadillac, Pontiac, all models with triple 2bl carbs or dual 4bl
Starter motor armature: Delco Remy GM 1935851, Buick 1959 all, 1960 with 364ci V8, AMC Rambler 1959-60
Sealed beam (Amber) Auxillary fog lamp : GE 4412A, Early Buick,Olds,Caddy 12v 35w 5-1/4"
Hood :(Bonnet) 1957 Buick - Very good used
Cowl vent seal: Chevy/ GMC trucks 1939-46.  Rubber not foam
Transmission dust cover: S9417 Chrome for Powerglide, not iron case, 153 tooth flywheels.
Parking brake cables: Chevy/GMC trucks 1951-55 1/2ton, Original style metal outer.
Brake Master Cylinder repair kit Buick 1936 + Cadillac 1936-40, most models, check with us. Bore 1-1/8" Wagner FC3628 (GM 5450477)
Fan belt: Cadillac 1941-48
Carpet: 1954-56 Cadillac / 54-56 Buick Wildcat ~ colour:  GREY (light)
Headliner kit: Cadillac 1957-58 S62 6237/6237D Coupe DeVille, 6237S Eldorado/Seville, Light Blue with OE perforation.
Radiator hose: LOWER - Chevy Corvette 1963-65 6cyl
Pistons: size +30, Chevy Corvette 427 1966-69, or custom build big block.
Head gasket: Oldsmobile 1935-6 St8
Head gasket set: Buick st8 1941-49
Head gasket set: Pontiac St8 268ci 1950-54
Exhaust valves: Buick st8
Ball joints:  LOWER, Chevy 1955-57, NOS Moog USA made.
Tie rod ends:  INNER Cadillac 1963-64 all, 1965 = S75 only
Kingpin kit: Cadillac 1949-56
GAS cap: Early GM cars & trucks, stainless.
Dashpot throttle damper & Distributor vacumn : Many in stock ~ call
Headlight dip switch: Cadillac / Lincoln Floor mount 3 terminal +1 for auto dip.
Nut: GM 3983037 OE steering knuckle/control arm 1971-93
Nut: GM 5667628 OE Pitman arm 1930-81 7/8-14 thread
Water pump: Chevy car & truck 6cyl 235ci 1955-62 with 5-1/4" hub height, no pulley, New not reman.
Front fender: R/H 1968 Buick Electra 225,  NOS genuine GM 1383062
Front fender: R/H 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass / 442, Good used
Trunk lid: 1978-81 Buick Century sedan/ Oldsmobile Cutlass (some models) - Good used
Valve covers: Pair - CHEVY 350 Goodwrench - removed from crate motor.
Valve covers: Oldsmobile 455ci - Good used
Oil drain plug: in stock for most applications
Horn contact repair kit: GM many cars & trucks 1973-89
Spark plugs: #C87 AC Delco, 18mm ~ Early Ford / OldsmobileSorry, sold out, more soon.
Ignition coil: HEI type GM 1975on. Also fits Jeep / AMC    #DR35
Contact set: Chevy 1927-34     Note: we have stock of ignition parts for most makes.
Weather seals: Trunk (boot) & door seals in stock or to order, for many vehicles.
Wheel bearings & seals, also axle seals: - Many in stock ~ from 1924 Oldsmobile's, 1930 Cadillac's, 1933 Buick's, 1932 Pontiac's, Chevrolet / DeSoto's, Lincoln / Mercury / Edsel & Ford's / AMC / Studebaker / Packard ~ all thru to 1990 ~ please phone.

FORD  (Cars & Trucks + Mercury, Lincoln, Edsel)
Headlight dip switch: Lincoln Floor mount 3 terminal + 1 for auto-dip
Rear Window Glass: Lincoln Premier / Capri 1957-60 2dr & 4dr Htp coupe & sedan : Green tint as original
Rocker panel (sill) Moldings: Pair for 1967-68 Mustang / Shelby (good repro)
Rear wheel opening molding (LH): Mustang 1967-68 (Repro)
Letters GT : Mustang 1967 C7ZZ-16098A & B, Original Ford not repro
Rear Tail lens : Mustang 1967-68 C7ZZ-13450A, Original Ford, not repro
Ignition lock+1 door lock: Mustang 1967-69 + other, C3AZ-6222050B Original Ford not repro.
Shift lever repair kit: Mustang 1965-68 3spd C5ZZ-7208B
Clutch bearing: D2OZ-7548A Original Ford, Cars 53-77, Trucks 64-83
Transmission mount: 1963-72 Ford/Mercury full size models M/trans
Drive shaft support bearing: Ford F500 Truck
Ball joints: LOWER, Thunderbird 55-57 + Ford/Mercury cars 1954-56
These are NOS and are rare as handed with grease nipple on opposite side, same as original, so concours points winner.
Fuel pump: Ford car 1948-50, trucks 48-53, Mercury 1949+
Carburettor: Ford DOHF-9510F, 1 bbl, Man choke, 2-bolt 2-3/4", 6cyl 144-300ci Ford/AMC/Jeep/Mercury 62-74 era. 
Carb kit: Ford Autolite 1100 1bbl
Carb kit: Ford AA-1, Holley 2100 Fords 1935-58
      + many more kits in stock
Rocker panel (sill): R/H Thunderbird 1958-60
Oil drain plug: in stock for most applications
Horn index plate: many FORD Car & trucks 1960-70    C2DZ-13A809A
Bedside panel: 1973-79 F100/150/250/350 L/H with 8ft bed. Complete panel not just skin.
Ignition contact set: 1931-40 12cyl Lincoln / Packard, Twin set  IGP3028BS
Wheel bearings & Hub seals: Many in stock ~ please phone.
MOPAR  (Chrysler, Dodge + Trucks, Plymouth, DeSoto )
Starter motor drive (bendix): 1928-31 Chrysler - 11 tooth Delco 38299
Brake shoes: Dodge/Chrysler 1936-58
Kingpin kit: Dodge 1935-55 ~ Sorry, sold out, more soon ~ phone
Ignition contact set: 1950-58 Chrysler/Dodge/DeSoto/Hudson IGW3028BS
Axle shaft: Dodge Charger 68-79 (some+other models)31-11/16" - 31 spline OE#3723824 / C925
All other USA   (Studebaker, Hudson, Packard, Auburn, AMC, etc.)
Con rod nuts for 1930 on Auburn
Brake back plate: REAR for Studebakers with 10" drum
Oil drain plug kit: most Studebakers
Thermostat Kit : with sleeve & gasket ~ most Studebaker
Spark plugs: Hundreds to fit most applications 1920 on
Ignition contact set: 1935-42 Auburn / Packard / Studebaker ~ twin set. IGC3028S
Ignition contact set: 1936-55 Packard/Nash/Studebaker ~ IGW3028S
+ many other Autolite contact sets for many applications.
Ignition parts & filters in stock to fit most USA vehicles.
BRITISH           Don't see what ya lookin for ~ then phone and ask
BMC    (Austin, Morris, Riley, MG, Jaguar, Rover etc.)
Master cylinder: Austin, Morris, Wolsely 1800 models Mk1/2/3 1964-76 NOS Girling 64067965
Brake pads: Rover 2000 +TC, Triumph TR3, 3A,4,5,6  NOS Ferodo FD525 (G/H)
Water pump: Austin Maxi 1500/1750 1969-80, NOS QCP744
Water pump : Rover V8   sorry it's SOLD
Head Gasket Set Alco #SCG913 3.5 1976on tin gaskets £35
Distributor cap: Jaguar 12cyl 1971-76  NOS 44780 (Lucas 54419431)
Valve springs: MG Midget, also Austin/Morris 1100 range Mk1/2  Terry 451-580
Brake shoes: Austin A40/Mini/Sprite/Moke/Riley Elf/Reliant Robin/ Bond Bug. NOS Moprod MBS1 (EBC 5146/Mintex MLR5)
Brake shoes: Austin/Morris range 1100/1300  NOS Moprod MBS11 (Mintex MLR18/EBC 5144)
Engine mount: Front - Austin Metro NOS FEM3012 (NAM1974)
Clutch plate: Austin Allegro & Maxi 1500/1750&HL, 1969 on  NOS QH C832S
Clutch cover: Austin Maxi 1500 1969 on, Allegro 1500 1973on NOS QH Q76292/11
Clutch cover: Austin Maxi/Allegro 1750cc 1970on NOS QH Q76497/10
Headlight unit: Austin Allegro - Halogen NOS Lucas 54510103 (Unipart GLU567)
Petrol cap: Marina van - non locking OE
Handbrake Lever: Jaguar - Chrome - NOS  CBC8492  XJS, or nice for Hot Rod
Track rod end: Austin metropolitan 1956-62  NOS QR804
Wheel bearing kit: (Rear) Austin / Morris 1800/2200 1983on  NOS BK13
Window weatherstrip: Morris Marina 1971- Outer pair, NOS Genuine CZK6648
Wheel bearing kit: Escort Mk1 1968on, Fiesta Mk1,2  NOS QWB113C
Water pump: V6 1.8,2.0,2.3,2.6L - 1971on Capri/Consul with fixed fan only. NOS QCP980
Brake shoes: Transit 1976-86 LWB -Rear -NOS Moprod MBS352 (EBC6329/Direct DS1-096) 10"x2/34"
Brake shoes: Rear - Sierra 1982-93 NOS EBC 6324
Brake shoes: Fiesta 2000-03/KA 1.3 2002-08  NOS EBC6588
Contact set: Ford Pilot V8 twin point set. NOS ES286 (Lucas 403670)
Wheel cylinder: Front -100E 1958-62 L/H BWC3261 & R/H BWC3260
Wheel cylinder: Rear - 100E 1957-60 + 105E Anglia NOS Girling 64673476
Clutch release bearing: Capri 1300/1600/GT 1968-72, Capri 2000 GT V4 1968-74 NOS QH CCT98
Valve springs: 105E/107E/109E/112E/115E NOS  TRW 1203684S
Propshaft: 3 Anglia 105E/Escort - Used - various lengths - call for info
Radiator hose: Escort Mk3 CVH 1980on NOS QH RH1688
Exhaust: Centre box/pipe Cortina Mk3/4/5 1.6/2.0 1971-82 NOS TI Bainbridge FD483V
Exhaust: Complete system Ford P100 pick-up 1.6/2.0 Petrol ~ Used for short time, all good.
Oil Dipstick: 2737E-6752A   Sorry, sold out, we will try to get more ~ phone
Lens: Rear indicator - 300E (1958 on) van, O/S  NOS FoMoCo  300E-13329
Lens: Rear- Stop/tail - 300E (1958 on) van, N/S NOS FoMoCo
Window handles: Ford Popular 103E-  Good Used
Door handles: Interior - Ford Popular 103E - good used
Windscreen trim retainer: Ford Popular 103E - Good used
Window surround: Bakelite -  Ford Poular 103E - Passenger side. Good used
Door sill plates: 105E Anglia- Pair- Aluminium sill tread plates - good used
Track rod end: Zephyr / Zodiac Mk3 1962-66 (outer) NOS QR1017
Carb gasket kit : Genuine Ford part 68IF9502AA   Finis 1455611  Cortina,Escort,Capri
Fuel pump : Genuine Ford, 2737E-9345A   NOS 1600 Crossflow, Cortina, Capri, Lotus
Fuel pump repair kit: AC 1524095 Type 6, H80-69  Early ford glass bowl style pump.
Mk1 Escort parts : Many Used & NOS ~ Phone 
Master cylinder: Cresta PC 1965-67, Viscount 1965-66 NOS Lockheed 4224-302
Master cylinder: Victor FC 1964-65, Victor 101 1965-67 all with disc brakes, NOS Girling 64068816
Valve springs: Victor/Wyvern 1952-62  NOS Terry 451-457
Valve springs: Viva 1057cc 1963-66     NOS Terry 451-590
Wheel cylinder: Victor FB. NOS Lockheed 4241-429
Track rod end: Pair - Bedford CF 18-25cwt  1969on  NOS QR1379
Radiator hose: Lower Viva HB 1600cc  NOS QH RH957
Radiator hose: Upper - Viva HA / Bedford CA 6/8cwt 1964-75 NOS QH RH641
Water pump: Bedford TK, J4 NOS QH QCP540
Ball Joint: Victor F 1957-59 - Upper QSJ107
Track rod end: Victor 1957-61 (outer), FB 61-64 (out), Cresta PA 1957-62 (out),  NOS QR292L
Track rod end: Victor FD 1967-70Viva HB 1966-70. NOS QR1072
ROOTES  (Hillman, Humber, Singer, Sunbeam, Chrysler, Talbot)
Brake caliper: Hillman Avenger, Sunbeam Rapier, NOS Girling 64032196
Track rod end: Pair - Hillman Avenger 1970-77 NOS QH  QR1342
Headlight unit: Hillman Avenger - Halogen NOS Lucas 54510103 (Unipart GLU567)
Radiator hose: Upper - minx/Hunter/Sceptre/Rapier/Vogue/Alpine & Hi20 1966-75 NOS QH RH742
Front wing repair panels: Hillman Hunter/Minx NOS LMC 4038/4039
Ball Joint: Hillman Husky 1963-65 Upper, Alpine/Tiger  QSJ192~ limited supply
Track rod end: Sunbeam Alpine Mk2,3 1951-55  QR292L
Track rod ends: Sunbeam Tiger Alpine V8 260/289 ~ pairs only.
Track rod end: Sunbeam Rapier 1956-62 (in+out), Hillman Husky S1,S2 1957-63, Singer Gazelle 1956-60, NOS QR804
Track rod end: Hillman Hunter/Minx 1966-67  NOS QR1175
Boot Lid: Hillman Minx V / Singer Gazelle, Sunbeam Rapier - Good used from 1966 Super Minx
Exhaust+Inlet manifold: Hillman/Sunbeam/Singer 1500cc ~ Good used
Water pump: Spitfire Mk IV 1500 - NOS QCP748
Radiator hose: Lower Triumph 1300 & TC 1965-70 NOS QH RH708
Front Inner wing repair panel: Triumph 1300/1500/Toledo/Dolomite NOS LMC 87-03-282
Clutch cover: Triumph 1300 & TC 1965-71 NOS QH Q76149/39
Track rod end: TR2,3. 1954-61  NOS QR794
Track rod end: Triumph 2000 1963-67  NOS QR1078
Bonnet: Standard 8/10  ~ Good used
Box of Standard 8/10 parts: Job Lot : New & Used, Clutch, gaskets, brakes, engine parts, interior, exterior ~ phone for info
ALL OTHERS (Lotus, Jensen, Healey, Rolls Royce, etc..) & Multi-fit items
Brake pads: Lotus Elan 1966-70 -Rear, NOS Ferodo FD524 (G/M)
Spax Adjustable shocks - Pair, NOS - not sure what these fit, part no. 9927 (DT693)
Brake shoes: Rear - TVR 1988-93 NOS EBC6324
Spark plugs: Lotus/Ford - Autolite/Motorcraft AG901 RACING plugs NOS can be used on street.
Spark plugs: Champion N8  (+ We have hundreds of spark plugs for many applications)
Wheel bearing kit: (front) Jensen Healey 1972-75  NOS  QWB118C
Competition Parts
Original old stock : Ferodo RACING Brake pads NOS:
FD19L - ??
FD20L -MINI 1275GT 1969-73
FD33L - SAAB 95 V4/96 V6  1966-78
FDB2-DS11 - VAUXHALL Chevette 1975/Opel Kadett C 1973-79 :
                   ALFA Alfeta 1.6-2.0 72on, Guilia 67-76, Guilietta 1.8,2.0 1979on:
                   AUDI Super 90 /100S/LS/GL 1966-74
FDB3-DS11 -  PORSCHE 911E Rear-08/68, 928 V8 Rear-1978-, 356SC/1600SC Rear-1963-65.
                    OPEL Kadett B 1.1/1.2 1965-73: VW 1300/1302/1302L Auto 1968-77,1500 1966-70: VOLVO 66 1975-78
FDB11-DS11 - ALFA 1750/2000/Montreal 1968-76
FDB29-DS11 - FIAT 124/125+S/127/128+3P/131/132/X19 1968-77
FDB34-DS11 - BMW 518/520.520i72-77, 525/528/528i  1975-76
FDB76-DS11 - DATSUN Laurel (C130/C230)1972-82 Bluebird (810) 1608/1808/2008 1977-81,
        (910) X,GL,SGL 1982on (non Europe), Skyline 240K 1973-80, Datsun 240Z / 260Z 1970-79,
Spark plugs: Autolite AG901 (Motorcraft) RARE : LOTUS/FORD 1960-70 Cold plug for Racing or Supercharged
EUROPEAN (some old stock parts for Renault, Peugeot, Citroen, Saab, Volvo, Porsche, Alfa, Fiat, BMW etc..)
& Japanese
Brake pads: VW Golf/Passat/Scirocco 1974-80 1500/1600  NOS Ferodo FDB145 (Apec PAD143)
Brake pads: Citroen AX/Visa + Peugeot 205 1983-94 NOS Apec473
Brake pads: Citroen GS Rear  1970-72
Spark plug leads: BMW 316i/318i 1988on - NOS Carol OES222
Brake shoes: Nissan Micra K10 1982-93 - Rear. NOS EBC6335
Propshaft UJ Universal joint: Daihatsu 4x4 Fourtrac  NOS QL508
BALL JOINT : Renault 9, 11,19, 21, Clio 1991-98, Megane 1999on, Scenic 1999-2003, Twingo/Kangoo
FAI SS133 /QSJ885S

Later model parts that we wish to say 'goodbye' to:
Ignition coil pack: FORD Focus/Mondeo/KA/Escort 1995-2000/Fiesta 1995-2008/
                                      NOS    CI XIC8170 (NGK 48001)  £15
Headlamp units: Mazda 323F 1995-98 (R/H Drivers)   NOS  DEPO 216-1128  £30
Shock top mount kits (2) :  Firstline # FSM 5224 Rover/Honda   £10 ea.
Shock top mount kits (2) : Firstline # FSM 5142 Land Rover Freelander 1998-2006, MG ZR, ZT 2001-05, Rover 25 1999-2005, 45 2000-05, £15 ea
Exhaust - Rear box & tailpipe :  Mitsubishi Lancer 1500cc 7/1988 - 12/1992  NOS Euroflow EXCL6012 £35
Glow Plug Relay : FORD 93BB6M092BA   Escort/Fiesta/Mondeo 1992 on  £10
Plug lead sets: Various models Older BMW + Nissan, Vauxhall, Ford etc. ~ please phone for info on these, or to buy any of the above items ~ Thank you.
Other parts also available ~ just ask....

Bitz4oldkarz ~ 02380-849311 or 07973-673710